A Bible Loophole You’ve Never Heard Of

I was a newly de-converted Christian when I met Peggy.

We’d gone out for a business lunch that morphed into a personal conversation. She was newly married and in the process of blending her new family. Recovering from divorce, meeting a new fella, bringing 3 kids together and dealing with his crazy ex-wife made for a long and complicated story.

It was clear to me by her use of fluent Christianese throughout our conversation that she’d assumed I was a Christian. At one point, she planted her hands firmly on the table and confidently stated, “I just go by the bible.” It didn’t cross her mind that I might actually disagree with that statement.

By this time, her presumption had gotten on my nerves a little. And before I even realized that my lips were moving, I heard myself reply with a firm, “No you don’t.”

You can image the look of shock that came over her face. I probably looked shocked, too! I’m so non-confrontational, it’s plain out stupid. Where’d those words come from?? Oddly enough though, she didn’t appear offended at all. In fact, after the shock wore off, the look on her face was that of curiosity.

“Peggy,” I said, softening my tone, “The bible is clear about divorce and re-marriage. How can you claim to go by the bible when in fact, the bible says you’re living in adultery?”

caricature-891434_1280“Oh that!” she said with a look of relief. “I’ve found a loophole around that!”

I cocked my head to the side like a spaniel hearing a train whistle … and with a dismissive wave of her hand she said, “My first husband was a jerk!”

Wish I’d thought to get the scripture reference for when it’s biblically acceptable to divorce your spouse because … well … reasons.





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