Sexism In The Church: 3 Examples That It’s Alive & Kickin’

silencedThere are pastors behind pulpits that go out of their way to “put women in their place” by using scripture to subjugate them.

Sadly, the fact that the message of submission and “lesser-ness” is very biblical is enough to render many women stuck, hopeless, and helpless.

Some women end up brainwashed to the point that they have no idea their being victimized. Some cower in the corner in fear of hell’s fire …  after all, it IS biblical. There are even those who like the message of husbandry headship. It keeps them from having to take responsibility or make decisions of any weight for which they’ll be held accountable.

My experience with messages along this vein are mild in comparison to what some women have had to endure. I think I’m lucky in that regard. Sure, I have a few horror stories, but if you watch any of the videos I’ve posted below, my stories on this blog are child’s play  compared to what it must be like under the authority of one of these whack job preachers.

Before you watch, I just gotta say this: These videos are the more extreme versions of the message. I’ve never been exposed to anything this outright ugly. I don’t personally know one single minister that preaches garbage like this. My husband was an egalitarian all the way. Never once did he stand behind the pulpit with a message that demeaned women or suggested they should be limited at home, at church, or anywhere else. We had friends who were pastors who also preached a more egalitarian view.

Even so, sexist drivel in the name of the Lord is alive and well as these videos demonstrate. And as long as people continue to believe that the bible is the ultimate truth, the infallible and inerrant “word of god”, there will always be men preaching the message cuz baby, it’s all in there.

Anyway … here are but 3 examples I ran across just today.

#1. I have to admit, had a huge difficulty sitting through this one in its entirety. The anger in his voice, the venom he spews, the outright threats toward the women in his congregation … yikes! If you can’t sit through it all (and I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t) just give it five minutes and you’ll get a pretty good idea:

#2. This one is priceless! The man who allows the woman on top during sex will miss out on heaven. I’m surprised he didn’t claim that babies conceived in that way would come out naked.


#3. “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft” is a threat used in this one. It’s a reference to 1 Samual chapter 15, verse something-er-other. The use of this verse is an effective way to intimidate and in fact, threaten a Christian woman into obedience. Just tell her that god views rebellion as if it’s the damnable sin of witchcraft and a true believer will tremble in fear.

It’s toward the end of the video around 49:55.

Imagine yourself sitting in a congregation listening to any of those men. What would that do to your psyche? Self-esteem? Sense of self worth? Imagine your daughters hearing this. Makes me sad. And of course, it makes me mad.

Flip the message around and imagine applying this to men. Would any man wish to be treated in this way? How many would tolerate it?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you must not hold much meaning to these three gentlemen. I feel bad for their wives.


2 thoughts on “Sexism In The Church: 3 Examples That It’s Alive & Kickin’

  1. That guy in the middle seems to be preying on African Diaspora even when they’re abroad. It’s sick that African immigrants would get subjected to this sort of religious propaganda even in a country as free from religion as England.

    By the way, while those passages are definitely restrictive to women, it’s not as if men aren’t equally restricted by other passages. The commands requiring virginity and abstinence from sex are so strong that several Christian cults included voluntary castrations in their practices. In fact, for “Saint” Paul it’s preferable to stay a virgin for your whole life than taking up a wife.

    The image that the bible gives on human sexuality and erotic relationships is anything but natural for any one.

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  2. I agree … Abuse in religion, Christian or otherwise, isn’t picky. It’s widespread and everywhere. Men are hurt, as well.

    Within my mainstream Christian experience and observations, one way men were harmed by the headship and submission message was that they were stripped of any sense of partnership with their wife. Suddenly, he’s ‘in charge’ of this adult person he married, as opposed to a relationship of equal support. There are groups that go so far as to put the salvation of the wife solely on the shoulders of her husband.

    One specific teaching I got in the full-gospel church was that husbands and wives are equals and should navigate life as a team. Decisions should be made together after prayer and conversation BUT (wait for it …) if in the end they don’t agree, the husband should make the final call.

    Basically, it was teamwork right up to the last second, where it took a dogleg turn. You’re equal until you don’t agree. Never mind if the decision he wants to make is an obvious mistake. It could be the most asinine, stupid choice in the world … but the wife is still obligated to submit to it.

    This message was taught from many different angles. One teacher taught that the wife should give her input for the husband to consider before making the final decision. That message didn’t sound even remotely “equal” to me.


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