Fund Raising For Missionary Service

Back in the ‘80’s, before my husband became a pastor, he received the call to be a missionary. At the time I would have used the term, “We” as in WE received the call. But in hindsight, what I thought was a call was nothing more than my hopeful imagination.

In any case, in preparation to leave the U. S. for Africa, we spent about a year fund raising.

Fund raising (or itinerating) meant traveling to nearby congregations to do our dog-n-pony show and ask for one-time donations or the commitment toward ongoing support. Our commitment to missionary service was open ended. We were going to go where god called us and stay as long as he wanted us. And like any good Christian trying to figure out god’s will, we figured we’d know it when we heard it. Or saw it. Or read it … or whatever. Anyway …

ChurchOne evening we gave our missionary presentation to a small rural congregation. After our talk, they assembled to pray for us. The crowd gathered and placed their hands on my husband’s head. Someone began to pray that God would anoint him for great things; salvation, preaching, teaching, prophecy, healing, words of wisdom, miracles. “Lord, let people fall under your power when he speaks your word!” they prayed.

Then after some minutes of prayer for him, they laid their hands on my head. The woman praying said … and I quote, “Dear Lord, please give our sister creative ways to do laundry…”

It doesn’t sting so much now, after all these years.

Once we settled overseas, we had to borrow a washer and have it hauled up the hill and back down again every time we wanted to wash clothes. Everything (and I do mean everything) had to be ironed to get rid of mango worms. Underwear, socks, bras … everything.

By American standards, I suppose that IS a creative way to do laundry. So, I guess god does answer prayer, after all. Thanks, god! That made me feel so special!




2 thoughts on “Fund Raising For Missionary Service

  1. Hi Avid Reader!

    Thank you so much for your comments and for taking the time to read through my blog.

    Good grief, indeed! Creative laundry…OY.

    That particular experience put me in a dark depression while we were fund raising. I remember thinking, ‘Is god calling me to missionary service so that there’s someone available to wash my husband’s shorts? Is THAT really what god wants to use me for? Is this REALLY ‘IT’… my ‘call’?!”

    It horrified me. And it broke me.

    I feel waves of relief to be done with that entire block of time in my life. Moving on to better things!!

    Thanks again for posting!


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