Christianity Taught Me To Lie


Pushing belief and faith to the limits was part of the full-gospel experience. No miracle was too big for god.

healing-of-the-blind-man.jpgEven though were were still in high school, our spirit-filled youth group loved to attend the local Full-Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship meetings. The praise and worship was exhilarating and the speakers were charismatic.

There was one particular young woman who frequented these meetings as well, although she was in college. She always entered the room led at the elbow by a handsome young man. Not only did she seemingly have a new boy each time, but she was quite pretty and… she was blind. People were drawn to her, men in particular.

I remember the meeting where we gathered around her and prayed for god to restore her sight. The elders gathered around, anointed her head with oil and we all stretched our hands out and prayed the prayer of faith.

She was not healed.

But not to be detoured, we were all encouraged to continue our “positive confessions”, to “name it and claim it” in faith until the miracle was manifested in the flesh. “We’re going to speak it into existence in Jesus name!” one believer exclaimed in accordance with a passage in Romans we all loved to mis-quote.

We left the meeting saying out loud, “She’s healed in the name of Jesus! Praise the Lord!” This we did in spite of hard core evidence to the contrary.

In thinking on this event for this post, I remembered writing about it in an old diary. It took some serious digging this afternoon, but I found it.



“Went to hear the Lord teach through Norvel Hayes. [My boyfriend] liked it I guess … he’s gonna pick me up at 5:30. Jesus healed [the blind girl]!!! She was blind. [My boyfriend] picked me up, we went to church…”

The entry is curious and it makes me wonder … if I were to put that little diary in a time capsule and someone found it 1,000 years later, would the reader claim to have “documented proof” that the god of the bible restored sight to the blind? Would it strike anyone as suspicious that this incredible experience of god’s healing power was somehow buried between the mundane musings of a teen aged girl?

That tiny entry was nothing more than a fabrication woven from the threads of my patchwork faith. I thought I was taking god at his word.

I didn’t intend to lie. But that’s exactly what I did. 




2 thoughts on “Christianity Taught Me To Lie

  1. I’m not a believer. What’s more I never have been. I often wonder what does make someone believe in a idea that cannot be proven or substantiated. The only answer to this being that faith is what is required. I don’t know if there is a God. However if there is I’m fairly certain that something that can reportedly create a Universe would not support anything as petty and introspective as religion. The fact that religion is allowed to continue by this God entity is yet further evidence to me that it cannot exist.

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  2. Hi Peter! Thank you so much for taking the time to post your thoughts. Maybe my personal reasons will shed a little light on the reason why some people accept even the most ridiculous of religious notions.

    Speaking for myself, I believed as a result of a few influences.
    1. Geography. Christianity is the predominate religion in every area of the United States that I’ve ever lived.
    2. Everyone around me was preaching the same message about Christ: He’s the one and only way to god.
    3. Trusted sources in my life were Christians. My parents, their parents, the majority of my friends.
    4. The thought that if I were the only person on the planet, god would still send Jesus to die for my sins was powerful. I thought I was important to god as an individual.
    5. I honestly didn’t know for the longest time that I actually had options. Christianity just WAS. No one I knew had ever left the faith. It never even crossed my mind until much later that it was a possibility.

    Ask another Christian why they believe/d and you may get a different list. Of course, now that I’m no longer involved in that system of belief, your statement: “The fact that religion is allowed to continue by this God entity is yet further evidence to me that it cannot exist,” makes a whole lot of sense to me!

    Thanks again for posting! Hope to dialog with you more in the future.


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