Disturbing Video-And It Makes Me MAD

I read an article this morning that included the following video of children being coaxed into falling out in the spirit.

Coming from a Charismatic/Full-Gospel background, “falling out in the spirit” was a coveted experience. Everyone wanted it to happen to them. I was no exception.

The first time I saw this happen, I was blown away. “God’s power will knock you down?” What was this? Why?

Many described it as a holy, gentle push from God, as if He was blowing you over with His love. I longed for the experience. I prayed for it, waited for it and submitted myself to the possibility of it.

Not once while being prayed for did I feel any sensation of being blown over. But I did fake it once.

I was at a prayer meeting with a bunch of my friends. We were in our late teens, full of the holy spirit and zealous about our faith. The leader of the group, a man in his mid-thirties was going around praying for each one of us. One by one, my friends fell backward when he touched them.

I could not wait until he got around to me. But much to my dismay, nothing happened. He prayed and prayed and I felt nothing. He put his hand on my forehead and pushed a little but it didn’t feel like anything other than a guy trying to push me back. He kept praying and everyone joined in so finally, after some minutes, I just fell backward into the arms of my friend.

My head was full of accusations before I even landed on the floor:

“Why didn’t God touch you like he did your friends?”

“What have you done wrong that God would skip over you?”

“Why aren’t you as sensitive to the Holy Spirit as they are?”

Guilt followed me home. I felt so alone and totally unworthy.

That’s why this video below makes me angry and sick. Watch for yourself and see the kids who haven’t yet figured out what they are ‘supposed’ to do. Clearly, if falling out in the spirit was a real thing, there wouldn’t be little kids looking confused and befuddled when the preacher prays for them. They’d simply be blown over by God’s spirit.

It’s a sham. And it’s a shame. And it’s psychological abuse.


One thought on “Disturbing Video-And It Makes Me MAD

  1. Wow I see what you mean. Especially at the 2:23 mark, you can see the kid wondering why he’s not getting what everyone else is. Then there are others after him – the stragglers – the “weak ones of the herd”.

    They play piano music to make it all seem so beautiful. But watch it again with the volume down and see how creepy this really is.

    It is definitely emotional abuse. Get ’em while they’re young!

    As a Catholic kid, we visited a church one time where a priest had “a piece of the real cross”. Of course everybody was fainting but I didn’t really feel anything except for dizziness in the head which I now attribute to having my head clasped.


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