About This Blog

female-865073_1280This is my journey into and out of Christianity told in short stories. It’s not chronological and I’m sure sorry about that. It sucks. The timeline below may help.

Experiences build on one another. That’s how life works as you well know from living it yourself. Sure, it’d be better if these stories were in order. But for now, I write ’em as they come back to me.

I was born into a Christian family. We attended the United Methodist Church. My parents were not strict about our faith. We weren’t in church every Sunday but we did say a prayer over meals. Other than that, we didn’t practice the disciplines of the faith.

• In the early 70’s I responded to an altar call and got saved
• In the late 70’s, at age 17,  I was baptized in the holy ghost
• In the early 80’s I toggled between the United Methodist Church and a full-gospel/charismatic church
• Early to Mid 80’s husband and I started a Christian coffee house at our college
• Mid 80’s, worked at a major Christian ministry while husband went to seminary
• Late 80’s entered missionary service overseas
• Early 90’s back in the states, started a family
• Mid 90’s husband back in seminary, started pastoring a church
• Mid 90’s – 2006, husband was a pastor
• Between 2004-2008, my faith finally unravels

All told, it’s about 40 years in the faith – 33 in ministry.

I invite comments. Of course, I reserve the right to delete any that are cruel or deliberately rude. If you’re a Christian, remember, I was once your sister in Christ. I didn’t leave on a whim or because I didn’t agree with one or two things I was taught. My choice to leave was an agonizing, gut wrenching decision – one that I put before the throne with sincere desire and desperation. After all, I’d built my entire life around Jesus and ministry.

I’ll gladly interact with anyone who is considerate and thoughtful in their approach. I’m telling my story as best I can … and while it can be raw with emotion at times, I’m recounting as honestly as I can remember the details.